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Soelle (Solène Laplanche-Mela) takes the stage at the age of seven. She falls in love with it from her first step on the boards.

A hypersensitive and very shy child, the stage quickly became an outlet, art, his first way of expressing himself.

Dancing was his first love and it was classical practice that allowed him to take the stage for the first time.

Singing and theater were added later. These last two were a revelation and became a real passion. A dreamy teenager, Soelle likes to take refuge in writing and abandons school homework, preferring the art of writing; letters, stories, poems, songs ...

At the age of 13, she wakes up in secret every morning at 4:30 am to take the time to write before going to class.

It was not until 6 long years that she finally assumed to turn to an artistic training in order to exercise the profession that was intended for her.

Conservatory, private schools, Soelle no longer shies away from learning. She finished her artistic studies with a state diploma in vocal expression trainer.

At 22, Soelle launched into the casting "jungle", frantically peeling all the announcements and repeating this exercise dozens of times a week. This is when she enters the middle of intermittency.

Tele-reality, small concerts in bars and restaurants in his region, festivals and tours, various collaborations that made his voice travel to Reunion Island, Soelle composed his first album at the age of 28 (Bachelor, in collaboration with Florian Cardéa), which will be followed by two others, in 2013 (Eden, in collaboration with Poumtica) and 2018 (Ad'Lib, in collaboration with Stefan Patry).

At the age of 30, she left the PACA region to settle in Paris where she worked as a vocal coach, in various music and actors schools and on her own account ( ). She had the privilege to work with many famous musicians et international actors.

She goes through different styles and musical universes and takes theater, voice over and dubbing lessons, in a professional manner this time, in order to complete her knowledge. She also studied N.L.P and emotional coaching. 

In 2019, Soelle goes to live in the heart of the Préalpes d'Azur.

This time of withdrawal inspired him with his first theatrical writing "LOUP" which will be presented in preview in spring 2021 at the Théâtre du Temps in Paris.

In 2022 she worked with many speakers, public, politic personalities and with Mady Riama as a vocal and artistic coach to prepare his show at the mythic concert place "L'Olympia" and recording his next album. 

She actually work on her first novel ; "The Gap".

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Solène Laplanche Mela
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